Enclos de Viaud

The Estate

Lalande-de-Pomerol is located on a splendid gravel hill. L’Enclos de Viaud is just on the other side of “La Barbanne” lieu-dit Viaud and Maréchaude. The property counts 2.48 hectares spread on 2 parcels.

In 2012, Peter Kwok acquired the Château La Patache and Enclos de Viaud in partnership with his son Howard.

Both crus are separated by « la Barbanne », a small stream that separates Pomerol and Lalande de Pomerol.

Primarily planted with Merlot, parcel management of the soils and vineyards is applied.

The Terroir

Lalande-de-Pomerol is located on a splendid gravel hill.  Enclos de Viaud is just on the other side of “La Barbanne” lieu-dit Viaud and Maréchaude.  The property counts 2.48 hectares spread on 2 parcels. The terroir of Enclos de Viaud is of Gravel and lime with crasse de fer

Vinification and Cellars

Harvest dates vary according to the vintages and we adapt our harvest plan to the plot or even the parcel sector based on the optimum ripeness of the grapes. The harvest date is determined by the combination of several physiological and subjective criteria, taste the grapes is an important step in the decision-making process.  Our teams of pickers work by defined parcel block the night before for the next day. After a meticulous selection on the vine plants and in the winery, the sorted grapes are guided in stainless steel tanks or directly in Bordeaux barrels (about 10% of the harvest). These follow the method of Vinification Intégrale - our team was formed at the opening and closing of barrels by our cooper partners for more autonomy.


The vatting lasts 30 days, operating a gentle extraction with pigeages in tank and stirring in barrel. The juices are tasted daily in order not to lose the expression of our fruit. This tasting will determine the day for the running off and pressing of the grape marcs. The resulting juice is placed in barrel for their malolactic fermentation. Enclos de Viaud wines are aged in the same barrels for 15 to 18 months at constant temperature in our underground wine cellar. Depending on the vintage year, the proportion of new oak varies around 20 to 30%, with a balance of 1 and 2 years old barrels. After the ageing the wines are bottled at the Château.

The wine

Enclos de Viaud

Enclos de Viaud se trouve sur la rive lalande de la Barbanne au lieu-dit Viaud et Maréchaude. Enclos de Viaud compte 2,48 hectares répartis sur 2 parcelles. Majoritairement planté en Merlot, une gestion parcellaire des sols et du vignoble est appliqué
Enclos de Viaud - Lalande-de-Pomerol
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